Little Red Hen is run by Fay Scholtz and Merle O’Shaughnessy. Fay has a TTHD (Johannesburg College of Education), a HED Pre-Primary (UNISA) and an Audiblox certification. Merle has a TTHD (Johannesburg College of Education), HED Pre-Primary (UNISA) and a Montessori Diploma (MCI).


Staff Photographs

Admin and teachers

From the left: Jose, Teresa, Angie, Fay, Merle, Robyn, Janet, Rose, Nicole and Shereen


Aftercare staff

The Aftercare Staff Photo from the left: Jay’D, Promise, Charleen and Pamela


Our Assistants

Our Assistants from the left: Princess, Pretty, Annie, Lorraine, Prudence and Goodie.